Under The Body
Under the bodywork of our 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo's sits a well prepared full racing chassis.
The Chassis itself starts out as a bare mound of welded bars prepared by Port City Chassis of Michigan. The Winston Racing Series that we participate in allows us to run an "Offset Chassis", that is a chassis that is built with most of the weight left of center, allowing the car to turn left more efficiently than a "Perimeter Chassis". After the chassis is prepared by the factory it needs to be primed and painted before the rest of the bolt on's are attached. The bolt on's make up the rest of the working chassis. The bolt on's include "A" arms, steering rack, spindles and hubs, rearend, trailing arms, and the such. These items simply bolt on to the main chassis hence the term bolt on's. Once most of the bolt on's are attached, the wheels and tires may be placed allowing the chassis to be moved about the race shop in preparation for final assembly. At this point we have what we call a rolling chassis or roller. Now comes the hardest part of the whole assembly process, placing the Template Body. The team is allowed a weight break if the body conforms to the template body rules. Hanging the template body is no easy task, usually taking many evenings to get it adjusted, just so, to fit the template. We now install the lead in the proper locations to make weight. This is done with precision to allow the weight percentages to conform to track rules. The SEMCO Performance prepared  355 Chevrolet engine is fitted into the motor compartment with transmission attached. The car is now ready for painting and lettering which puts the finishing touches to the hours and hours of preparing our Late Model Car.

Kevin Custer,  B.M.S.